Hello, 2013!


Welcome 2013 with a bang! Fireworks from Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s nice to be back in the blogging world after years of attempted comebacks! *Group Hug*

So how did you celebrate your NYE? If you’re outside the Philippines, then probably it is quiet like a library? I hope everyone was spared by illegal firecrackers like Ampatuan and Goodbye Philippines (sounds very bloody) and that you can still count from one to ten using your both hands.

I’ve been thinking of a great local tagline for 2013 – something like 2013: Karirin! or 2013: Win na Win! or 2013: For the Win for my bourgeois readers. Readers agad kahit kaka-start pa lang? LOL. Any suggestions? 🙂

So here’s my online diary for my travel and food escapades, thoughts and rants and other tips to survive this world full of social climbing. LOL. You my readers deserve a time to be enlightened and to laugh and to unwind and I’ll try my very best to reach out to your demands. Haha!

Looking forward to another year of firsts! Wishing everyone a happy and blessed 2013! 🙂 New year, new stories.

“Yung mga may mga (emotional) baggage dyan, paki-iwan na sa baggage counter ng (2011). Pero ‘wag iwala ang baggage tag, tanda yan na natuto ka na dapat. :)” – TJ, Jan 2011


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