Multi-city Route #1: Hong Kong > Macau

Here’s the multi-city destination for beginners. Most of the time, we book round trip flight to Hong Kong then dedicate one day to go on a side trip to Macau then go back to Hong Kong in the evening. This approach is drastically more expensive than taking this recommended route. Hassle point would mean that you need to take your luggage with you from Hong Kong to Macau and possibly book a hotel in Macau rather than in Hong Kong. Well, generally speaking, you’ll face this same hassle point in all of the routes below anyway.  🙂

Route: Manila/Clark/Cebu/Iloilo > Hong Kong > Macau > Manila/Clark

Cost: $ $

Comfort: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Control: * * * * *

So from Hong Kong, you can take a ferry to Macau from at least two piers either in Sheung Wan or in Tsim Sha Tsui. During the day, ferry to Macau is so frequent that the interval is like every 5-10 minutes so you don’t really need to pre-book! Just go to the pier, buy your ticket and the ferry would probably leave in around 20-30 minutes (so you’ll have time to eat at Cafe de Coral restaurant). 😉 Ferry ride would be approximately 1 hour. The boat is so posh and air-conditioned although expect it to be noisy due to your Cantonese-speaking seatmates (they speak quite loudly than normal J). Your luggage will have a spacious compartment too.

Hong Kong and Macau are served by several flights from and to Manila, Clark, Cebu and even Iloilo so you should be able to book pretty good schedule for you.

Manila > Hong Kong > Macau

Manila > Hong Kong > Macau

 TJ’s recommended backpacking itinerary:

  • Cebu Pacific flight 5J 110 departs 7:55 am from Manila arriving Hong Kong at 9:55 am.
  • Spend around four days in Hong Kong to visit Disneyland, Ocean Park, Victoria Peak and Ngong Ping.
  • In TST, take a ferry around lunch time to Macau. Check-in to your hotel in Macau.
  • Spend one night in Macau then next day, catch the Cebu Pacific flight 5J 363 departing from Macau at 10:15 pm arriving Manila at 12:15 am the following day.

If you’re clueless on what Cost, Comfort and Control mean, or why multi-city destination may suit your travel needs, visit the parent link. Other multi-city destinations that perfectly fit your budget and vacation leaves are listed there as well.


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