Joyeux anniversaire à moi!

In programming world, it was another Age++;


Happy birthday to me!

I received some awesome “gifts” on my birthday, on quotes, because they are technically not presents but I claimed it anyway. Haha!

First, I was greeted by my best friend all the way from “Torronnow” (Toronto, Canada) on the dot. This is quite special not just because we are thousand miles apart nor it was right on 12 midnight cue, but because he chose to greet me before he took his lunch break. Quite a sacrifice, yeah. LOL.

Second, my Meralco bill for the month costs… Nada! Thanks to some sort of meter deposit refund that was deducted from my less than Php 300 bill, which is funny because it was paid by the previous tenant of my current apartment unit (yet I got his/her refund! Hihi). You still wonder why my original bill is dirt cheap. I consume less than 50 kwh (kilowatt per hour) so I get 50% discount of my basic cost – thanks to my energy efficient ref and aircon. 😀

Total Current Amount: PhP 0.00!!!

Total Current Amount: PhP 0.00!!!

I also learned that my college friend will bring me to Hanoi, Vietnam in May for free so that I can do another travel post. Wow. I hope that will push through so I can cross Halong Bay from my bucket list. Hihi.

Lastly, another awesome gift I got is you, my dear blog reader! We clinched 500 hits in one week after this site went live! Although this count is insignificant compared to my brother’s, this has way surpassed my expectations (of 1 visit per day, LOL). Apologies for not being able to update this blog religiously due to my duties at work.

I also got throat and uvula infection which is in no way affecting my blogging, just thought I can get sympathy. Haha. Good thing I was able to score a buffet at 7 Corners in Crowne Plaza Galleria before this throat issue which is way sub-par than my other birthday buffets: Circles (2009), Spirals (2010), Yakimix (2011) and Vikings (2012).  😦

I look forward to bombard you with all travel and life tips and tricks that I have to offer because you guys deserve it. 🙂 Cheers to another year of exploring the world!


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