MMFF Final Tally: Top 4

And the record was broken. Sisterakas topped the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2012 box office race with PhP 342 million effortlessly emerging as the Philippines’  highest-grossing film at all time. I know movie critics are dying right now and will again bash the quality of Philippine cinema. *Phew*

Sisterakas (from

Sisterakas (from

Sisterakas is the only movie I saw in the MMFF line up because my mom, being a big Kris Aquino fan, dragged us on Christmas Day when the movie screenings are sold out in most cinemas. It did not claim to be an-Oscars worthy movie, and it is definitely not, but I laughed a bucket and thinks that it is a Php 180 well spent. I’ll probably rank it as second to Kimmy Dora 1 as the funniest local comedy film in recent years.

One More Try placed second with PhP 170.5 million. I’m happy it surpassed the Si Agimat, Si Enteng, at Si Ako at PhP 133.5 million. No more sequels, please!

Shake, Rattle, and Roll 14 edged The Strangers at fourth spot with PhP 45.3 million. This Chito Rono film is said to be unfinished due to budget issues, similar to Sosy Problems.

Over-all, 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival earned a record-breaking PhP 767.8 million which is 21% higher compared to 2011’s PhP 636.7 million. Good job, MMDA! 🙂


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