Winter clothes dilemma

I got an email from one of our avid blog readers about his travel dilemma. (Operative phrases: got-an-email and avid-blog-reader. Haha!) He will do my recommended Beijing-Shanghai leg and has already acquired his visa after following my tips (wow, my blog has really been very helpful!). Now his problem is how he can survive the winter weather in China as this is first time to experience such. He also emphasized that he is on a tight budget.

First of all, thanks to your mail and I’m very happy to receive one! Hopefully, I can provide you the answers you’re looking for. 🙂

Let me break it down for you. While airfare from Manila to chinito-infested countries like Japan, Korea and China during winter season is generally on sale or dirt cheap, there are some trade off in cost like you will be forced to purchase prepaid baggage for your expensive over-sized winter jackets which you may not be able to use regularly in Manila. Tip, try to borrow winter head gears first if you don’t plan to regularly travel in a place below 10 degrees.

First time I experienced freezing cold temperature was… when my brother locked me in a giant freezer. Kidding. It was in Boston and temperature dropped to almost 2 degrees. Then I sort of experienced below zero in Seoul. Those were the times I thank my winter gear so bad and thought I need to invest on winter clothes. Where can you buy cheap yet quality winter outfit?

1. Winterhouse – Cartimar is between LRT Gil Puyat and LRT Libertad stations, around 10 minute walk from Libertad. Right next to Savemore supermarket, Winterhouse is you one-stop-shop for all of your cheap winter outfit needs.


Pasilio A Unit 18 Cartimar Shopping Mall, Pasay City

Important defense to the cold breeze are your thermals. You can buy a complete head-to-toe set for Php 850 to protect your body and legs. You can get discount if you buy more than four sets so work this out with your friends or family. You can buy your gloves, scarves and even boots which cost around Php 2,300.

Boots from Winterhouse

Boots from Winterhouse. Pardon my hairy legs!

2. Uniqlo – If you are not the type of person who only shops on an air-conditioned mall, then go to MRT’s end points: SM Mall of Asia or SM North Edsa The Block and hit Uniqlo. They have this brand called HEATTECH which will help you feel warmer as attested by some of my friends. I bought couple of turtle neck long sleeves shirts and leggings and will test how far it can help me survive Beijing two weeks from now.Uniqlo's Heattech ShirtsLuckily, most of the HEATTECH line up were on sale around Christmas to New Year and was able to abuse it. I got the shirt above for Php 590 instead of the original price, Php 790.

3. Terranova – You’re already in SM Mall of Asia or SM North Edsa? Then check out Terranova. Comparing to other giants like Zara, Debenhams, Banana Republic or Marks and Spencer – this is way cheaper. I was able to snatch this gray knitted top from Terranova’s kids’ section before. Yeah, kids’ section. Haha! Quality buy, I was able to survive a frozen lake in South Korea anyway. Recently, I bought some cute ear muffs and a thickly-knitted scarf.

Surviving a frozen lake in Nami Island

Surviving a frozen lake in Nami Island

4. Surplus Shop  You can find decent sweaters and jackets in you are patient to search the racks. You can also find some cheap scarves for Php 200 each and a pair of gloves for Php 250. Not bad. Surplus Shop can be found in almost all SM malls in the metro.

5. Muji – This is technically not cheap for my taste. I was only convinced to buy an earmuff when Muji went on sale (I think they are still on sale). Sweaters and jackets cost Php 2,500 and up.

So there, I hope this gave you an idea on where to start bargain hunting for you winter wear. There are a lot of shops currently on clearance sale and I was able to find decent cardigans, sweaters and jackets on sale from Topman, Springfield and Celio. Happy shopping!


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