It’s more fun: fanfares by Cathay Pacific


It’s been a while since Cathay Pacific launched their fanfares promotion. It used to be part of my routine every Tuesday 8 AM (Hong Kong time) months ago. There was this Tuesday when Chicago flight’s base fare only costs HKD 1,990! After a hiatus, I checked their promo and here’s how it looks like.


Hong Kong flight to Milan for HKD 1,990 is promising. Mock booking told me that the total cost is roughly HKD 4300+ or PhP 22,600+. Not bad at all!

However, there are some restrictions that I should warn you before being tempted to book a fanfare flight.

Offer details

1. Journeys must begin and end in Hong Kong. You may want to book a cheap Cebu Pacific or Tiger/Seair flight to Hong Kong. Just take note that this is risky considering that if your flight from the Philippines is cancelled or delayed, you might miss your Cathay flight.

2.Tickets are valid on flight/date shown and non-refundable. Funfares have pre-determined inbound and outbound flight so you’re a bit limited. Travel dates usually are set within the next three months. This works though if you’re the backpacker-slash-adventurous type.5.Cathay Pacific/Dragonair and Asia Miles™ terms and conditions apply.

3. No accrual of AsiaMiles. This is a promo fare anyway, don’t ask too much. 🙂

So include Cathay Pacific’s funfare site in your Tuesday breakfast! Yay!


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